investment research

Release date:2018-10-17 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:253

On October 17, General Manager Gao Changqing of Asset Management Co., Ltd. of Hefei Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and General Manager Dai Jianhua of Chinese Academy of Sciences Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. came to our company for investigation. It is planned to expand investment in "Zhongke Kezheng Company". At the symposium, Zhang Ming, general manager of our company, and Wang Haiyuan, deputy general manager of our company, made a detailed introduction to the company's market, product quantification, technology, achievement transformation, cooperation, and future company development planning. And accompanied the inspection to visit the equipment exhibition hall and manufacturing workshop. After the meeting, I was very satisfied with the survey. Mr. Dai said that he would further strengthen exchanges, in-depth cooperation, and accelerate the support for the development and growth of "Zhongke Kezheng" company.

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