Anhui Yingshou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Yingshou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and constructed by Zhongquan Zhida, a subsidiary of Zhongke Kezheng, and Jiangsu Ousoft. The company focuses on intelligent manufacturing. Cloud equipment cloud platform", build IOT equipment cloud, palm cloud factory and other industrial APP applications, and through the "O3 new generation digital factory cloud platform" with MES as the core, to achieve manufacturing production, quality, logistics, equipment and other related software systems, Integrated application of hardware devices. Provide high-quality overall solutions for the manufacturing industry with a high degree of automation, informatization and networking, involving smart factory design and planning, smart factory construction and transformation, smart factory software and hardware systems, and industrial big data applications and services. The company is committed to becoming a leading company. Smart Factory Solutions Integrator.