Implement delivery system

The "six step" delivery system is implemented to ensure the smooth implementation of the project

requirement analysis

  • ✱ business requirements: reflect customers' high-level objectives and requirements for systems and products
  • ✱ user requirements: the customer's goal, that is, what the customer wants to do, often needs to be described through use cases, scenario descriptions, flow charts, etc. after user research
  • ✱ functional requirements: customers use these functions to complete tasks and meet user and business needs
  • ✱ non functional requirements - describe the customer's behavior and operation, including the standards, specifications and constraints that the product must comply with, and the specific details and structural restrictions of the operation interface
  • ✱ on the basis of the above four points, finally form the demand output document confirmed by the customer - demand analysis report

market research

  • In response to customer needs, the project team of China Science and technology is conducting professional market research inside and outside the company's supply chain system, respectively from the aspects of quality level, delivery capacity, technical capacity, customer cases, price level and backup services, and finally forming alternative schemes for customers' reference and negotiation.

system design

  • The company has more than ten senior engineers and rich experience in system scheme design, which can quickly meet the requirements of customer system integration scheme design. At the same time, relying on the scientific and technological team of scientific research institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and national laboratories, we will cooperate with customer technicians to solve the process and technical problems and bottlenecks of customers in the production process, such as high automation, informatization, environmental protection and energy saving.

Equipment production

  • With user demand as the core and R & D and marketing as the two wings, zhongkezheng company is building an asset light and innovative platform enterprise. The company pursues the overall efficiency and cost effectiveness of the whole supply chain, and coordinates all links through systematic methods, so as to minimize the total operation cost, make the system in the most smooth operation, and meet the needs of customers fastest and best.

Installation commissioning

  • Scientific management process ensures professional installation and commissioning effect:
  • ✱ Mechanical design engineer draws lines and positions on site
  • ✱ Then make technical disclosure to the on-site team
  • ✱ Equipment installation, and some professional equipment shall be installed by the supplier
  • ✱ Electrical engineer and software engineer commissioning
  • ✱ Overall debugging of the team

Customer training

  • Stand alone equipment: if the customer does not become an "expert", the trainer will not leave
  • Production line: follow the principles of strict confidentiality, professional training and complete password delivery to ensure the lasting and stable operation of customers

After sales service network

1. Relying on the National Branch, subsidiary and supplier system, build a perfect service network and respond 24 / 7

2. Product quality assurance is always in the leading position in the industry

3. Comprehensive quarterly telephone return visit system for customers

4. After sales and sales personnel visit local customers irregularly and inspect relevant equipment according to business trips

5. Provide customers with software and hardware system upgrade services