Mr. Zhang and his party went to Anhui Wensheng Bioengineering Co., Ltd. for inspection

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On May 25th, General Manager Zhang Ming led a team to Anhui Wensheng Biological Company for inspection. Li Wensheng, Chairman of Wensheng Biological Company, warmly received and accompanied the inspection in person.

At the symposium, Li Wensheng welcomed Mr. Zhang and his entourage, and personally introduced and explained Wensheng Bio's corporate culture, vision, corporate development process and development direction; the participants watched Wensheng Bio's promotional video and new functions in Anhui Province. Fertilizer Engineering Technology Research Center and various honorary certificates and patent invention certificates obtained by the company over the years; Li Wensheng also focused on the company's current new research projects, the upgrade of automation equipment, the creation of intelligent factories and the status of agricultural ecology in China's provinces, Improvement and prospect of soil and environment, etc.

Chairman Li Wensheng took a group photo with Zhang Ming, general manager of Kezheng, and his escorts


Chairman Li Wensheng focused on the corporate culture and development history of Wensheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Zhongke Kezheng Company relies on the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to realize the automation and intelligence of the production process of the enterprise, provide the enterprise with the most advanced production equipment, and solve the technical problems of the enterprise equipment. Mr. Zhang had a meeting with Chairman Li Wensheng and others on the upgrade of Wensheng Bio's agricultural fertilizer ingredients, packaging, stacking and other equipment of the entire production line, as well as the content of the project strategic cooperation agreement to build a national bio-fertilizer model factory and intelligent factory. After in-depth exchanges, Kezheng Company and the research institute team reached a preliminary framework cooperation agreement based on Wensheng Bio's agricultural fertilizers that can meet the diversity of soil and realize the scientific content of soil formulations, and also specially visited Anhui Province's new functional fertilizer engineering technology Research center. After the meeting, the Kezheng delegation visited the Wensheng Bio-agricultural fertilizer production workshop, packaging workshop and storage workshop, and learned more about the production and operation of Wensheng Bio's agricultural fertilizer.

Mr. Zhang watched the honorary certificate and patent certificate obtained by Wensheng Biology

Mr. Zhang said that Wensheng Biotechnology, as a leading listed company in the field of life science in Anhui Province, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of new functional fertilizers established by Anhui Agricultural University and Nanjing Soil Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Ministry of soil testing and formula fertilization is a national promotion pilot enterprise; Wensheng adheres to the development concept of "Let the land eat nutritious meals, and let human beings eat healthy food", and make contributions to human health, with great potential and good prospects for future development, Kezheng Company He is full of confidence in the project cooperation with Wensheng Company in the later stage.

On the morning of May 28, Chairman Li Wensheng of Anhui Wensheng and his core team returned to inspect Kezheng Company. President Zhang expressed a warm welcome to Chairman Li Wensheng. President Li and Professor Zhou Ping of the Chinese Academy of Sciences discussed the field of agricultural technology and The strategic cooperation in the later stage of projects such as fully automated equipment production lines and intelligent factories was discussed in detail with Mr. Zhang.