Anhui Zhongke Kezheng screw packaging machine was officially put into operation in Xinjiang

Release date:2018-07-19 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:369

On July 18, the spiral packaging unit equipment manufactured by Anhui Zhongke Kezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation in the Xinjiang Jufang High-tech Production Base. This is the first "2000 tons / year polyphenylene sulfide (PPS" ) and 1,000 tons/year polyarylene sulfide sulfone (PASS)” production project.

With the implementation of the national "Internet +" strategy, the implementation of "Made in China 2025" and the development strategy of "One Belt, One Road", Zhongke Kezheng Co. In the future, the industry will make a modest contribution and create the greatest value for the society!

Known as "plastic gold", polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and polyarylene sulfide sulfone (PASS) are at the top of the plastic family. Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a new type of high-performance thermoplastic resin, which is widely used in nuclear power, electronics, automobiles, machinery, national defense and aerospace fields, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free in the production process, a symbol of the success of this cooperation. With our company in the field of high-tech materials industry has been further developed.