Congratulations on the successful acceptance of the automatic loading system equipment for emulsion

Release date:2018-07-16 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:278

On July 16, Mr. He and Mr. Wang of Gongyi Branch of Qianjin Civil Explosives Co., Ltd. came to our company to inspect the equipment of the automatic loading system for emulsion explosives, and also reviewed the first automatic loading system in the civil explosive industry of our company. Equipment is highly rated. Qianjin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise in the domestic civil explosive industry. The success of this cooperation symbolizes the further development of our company in the field of automatic loading of emulsion explosives, and also marks the rise of our company in the field of loading systems in the civil explosive industry. A new starting point. Zhongke Kezheng Company takes realizing the future industry and promoting Industry 4.0 as its core values, and strives to realize the automatic production of the enterprise and promote the harmonious development of the enterprise.