Baotou Shenda Machinery Chairman Yang Ping and Inner Mongolia Light Industry College Director Fan ca

Release date:2018-08-16 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:329

On the morning of June 25th, Yang Ping, Chairman of Baotou Shenda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Director Fan of Inner Mongolia Light Industry College came to our company to discuss cooperation matters, accompanied by our Deputy General Manager Wang Haiyuan and Manager of Cooperation and Investment Department Huang Zhongyi to visit the advanced Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Manufacturing Technology. "Advanced Institute" Dr. Feng Baolin gave a detailed explanation of the successful cases of cooperation between the institute and the institute and the development of the institute (institution) and visited the six laboratories of the institute. "Shenda Company" Mr. Yang spoke highly of and appreciated the research team of the research institute and the display of high-tech achievements.

In the afternoon, we visited the equipment exhibition hall and manufacturing workshop of "Zhongke Kezheng Company". He also recognized the development and cooperation model of "Zhongke Kezheng". During the meeting, Zhang Ming, general manager of our company, gave a comprehensive explanation of the details of the cooperation. "Shenda Company" Mr. Yang immediately said that the cooperation plan will be implemented as soon as possible. Very satisfied with this visit and negotiation.