Warmly congratulate the company on the successful holding of the first shareholders' meeting in 2022

Release date:2022-01-26 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:327

On January 20, the first 2022 shareholders' meeting of zhongkezheng Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. was held in zhongkezheng, which was presided over by Zhang Ming, general manager of the company. Present at the meeting were Gao Changqing, general manager of Hefei Science Island Holdings Co., Ltd. (on behalf of Hefei academy of Sciences), ye Xiaodong, deputy director of Intelligent Machinery Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kong Lingcheng, Secretary (on behalf of the shareholding team of Hefei academy of Sciences), and Wang Haiyuan, general manager of Hefei Weite Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President Zhang sincerely expressed his thanks and New Year wishes to all shareholders and made a detailed report on the operation of the company in 2021. The shareholders at the meeting spoke highly of and unanimously affirmed the performance growth and operating results of zhongkezheng company under the current environment.

Looking forward to the future, relevant leaders of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said: we should more realize the industrialization of scientific research achievements and better let scientific research serve the society and benefit mankind; We should give greater support to China Science and technology from the perspective of shareholders, and support the company to undertake large projects from the aspects of technical breakthrough, product research and development, project application, capital guarantee and so on; We should promote closer cooperation between institutes and enterprises and accelerate the listing of China Science and technology in 2025.

Strong development of science and technology, Zhengye intelligent future! The meeting ended in a happy atmosphere.