Auspicious snow heralds a good year and a new journey in the new year

Release date:2022-02-14 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:484

Once again, everything is renewed! On February 7, the seventh day of the first lunar month, the whole Hefei was covered with silver and snow. In this auspicious atmosphere, zhongkeke is fully returning to work and production to start a new journey in the new year. Everyone's face is filled with the joy of the new year, and they devote themselves to the work on the first day of the new year with passion!


2022 is an important year for China Science and technology section. The general manager sent a message to all the employees of the section: 2022 has come. I hope you can concentrate and return to the full string, concentrate as soon as possible, seize the opportunity, take advantage of the situation and devote yourself to the work of the new year. Let's work together in 2022 to achieve better results!


On the day of commencement, the general manager sent the commencement red envelope and Spring Festival blessing to each section chief employee, hoping that everyone would work in full swing and live a passionate life in the new year.

Various departments also carry out various start-up activities. The marketing department organizes all sales staff to carry out health cleaning, badminton and egg throwing competitions, and vocational skill training courses. Everyone enjoys it.

In 2022, all businesses of zhongkeke have been carried out. We sincerely welcome all industry experts to visit, guide and cooperate with us!