"See" enjoy a good dragon boat ankang | zhongkekezheng is the Dragon Boat Festival benefits for empl

Release date:2022-05-31 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:362

The festival is coming, reed rice fragrance. May 31, in the branch is for all staff Dragon Boat Festival welfare, a bearing of the company's care of the gift reed passed to each employee, but also for the staff sent to the company's thick care and Dragon Boat Festival blessing.

When each of the blessings of the gift zongzi distributed to the hands of the staff, joy overflow. The heavy welfare shows the happiness and warmth of the big family of Gangxin, held in the hand, warm in the heart, to bring confidence and full of hope and momentum to every employee. Boxes of gift reed, the delivery of the Dragon Boat Festival well-being of good wishes, a smiling face, is the best paean to the welfare of the company.

For the company's care and blessing, we all expressed our gratitude, and said that in the future work, we will turn care as the power, continue to base on the post, solid work, work together, to contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.