To welcome the ninth provincial games

Release date:2022-05-16 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:285

In order to meet the ninth games of the provincial organs, enrich the cultural and sports life of the general staff, promote the national fitness activities, and enhance the physical fitness of the staff, labor union of Hefei Research Institute organized a workshop exercise training activity from May 12 to 13.

The training activity received a positive response from everyone. The participants were enthusiastic and the atmosphere was active. Training site, everyone in uniform movements, under the guidance of the coach, seriously learn the movement.

This activity cultivates the team spirit of everyone, strengthens the communication between colleagues, not only alleviates the work pressure, but also fully inspires everyone's enthusiasm for sports. Through the combination of work and rest, it can effectively promote the improvement of work efficiency.

Zhongkeke is actively responding to the spirit of the games, May 14 to carry out staff basketball match. The basketball match not only enriched the leisure sports life of the staff, but also stimulated the enthusiasm and confidence of the staff to participate in sports and exercise, enhanced the friendship of the staff, cultivated the spirit of teamwork and enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise. Also for the propaganda group and the company has been advocated to vigorously build a happy enterprise, happy park, pay attention to the training of staff comprehensive quality, let the staff happy work, happy life made a positive response! At the same time, with the unique charm of basketball, it shows us the energetic and united staff of Zhongkezheng Company.