Explore hefei Science Island!

Release date:2022-05-07 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:405

Science Island, located in the scenic Shushan lake dongpu reservoir in the western suburbs of Hefei, covers an area of more than 3,000 mu. Named by President Jiang Zemin, science Island is also another name of Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The island of flowers, trees and green cage, fresh and quiet, five research buildings lined up, three elegant and generous lake villas and other ancillary facilities, formed a strong scientific and technological strength of the "science city". Science Island has been selected as "China science and technology Tourism Base" by national Tourism Administration and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

As a subordinate enterprise, in the division is also half the master. So, today I will take you to see the beautiful scenery of the island through a group of lenses!

Hefei Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Youjiang Liu

A bridge connecting science and the world, Tianhao Wang 

Hefei Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Hailin Hu

Exterior view of the control hall of EAST Science Installation, Bo Qiu

Science Installation EAST (commonly known as "artificial sun"), Hailin Hu 

 EAST Science and Engineering Team, Institute of Plasma Science,Hailin Hu 

Fusion dust at macro, Jiao Peng 

Panoramic view of 13th Five-Year Fusion Park, The most beautiful science holy land,Hailin  Hu 

Hybrid magnet, China's landmark experimental facility for high magnetic Field,Sheng Zhao

Sensing deep-sea autonomous operation, Yuman Nie

Ecological Science Island, zhenshan Ji 

Sunrise on Science Island, Yi Zhao 

Science Island Sky, Kangning Geng  

Beautiful sunset over Science Island Bridge, Youjiang Liu

Bird 's-eye view of Science Island, Tianhao Wang