Automatic post-packing palletizing is the perfect end of the packaging system

Release date:2022-06-13 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:869

In the gradual deepening of industrial automation today, most enterprises have replaced manual labor with automated production lines. But each automated production line has its own process, so today's packaging palletizing process, a simple introduction.

The process flow of all raw materials, nothing more than: depalletizing depalletizing, conveying ingredients, of course, the most important step is packaging palletizing. In the past without the development of industrial automation, people put materials into bags with tools, weigh and pack, and then carry them by shoulder and hand, put the bags of packed materials in good position, and pile them into neat material stacks, waiting to be sent to all parts of the world.

In today's industrial automation, Anqiu Boyang machinery according to customer requirements, the general trend of industrial development, through continuous research and development innovation, research and development of the successful "packaging palletizing automatic production line". The production section, through the intervention of equipment, replace the manual, improve productivity, reduce the error rate.

"Packaging palletizing automatic production line" consists of packaging machine and palletizing machine two kinds of equipment, each stage according to different technological requirements, layout of different equipment, accelerate the production schedule of technological process.

Packaging machine in this production line, mainly refers to the 10-50kg or so packaging machine. According to the different packaging materials, can be divided into: powder packaging machine and particle packaging machine. Of course, the equipment is also known as quantitative packaging, which can achieve accurate weighing packaging. Automatic packaging machine through the internal process, accurate weighing, quantitative weighing, automatic packaging, at the same time can be matched with automatic sealing machine, automatic packaging part of the automation.

After the packaging, it is necessary to move the packaged bags to the designated place and stack them to complete the last step of the whole process. At this time, we used our palletizing machine. Palletizing machine is used more in the workshop, generally is manipulator palletizing machine and high palletizing machine. Manipulator palletizing machine can use the manipulator to absorb the suction cup or grab the bagging material through the manipulator, and then stack and stack; While the high platform palletizer can complete the palletizing at the same time, it can not pallet library and do not use the pallet, directly use the forklift to fork the packaging bag, so that you can save the cost of the pallet. (But this situation has to have the right loading equipment, so as not to load another part of the waste).


"Packing and palletizing automatic production line" made a simple introduction, DO not know if you understand. No matter what kind of process flow, at the end of the process, should do a final layout, draw a satisfactory full stop. Zhongke ke is a complete and perfect "packing palletizing only production line", give your production technology a beautiful end, for your production technology, icing on the cake.