Unstoppable! Pharmaceutical packaging automation trend!

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There are many subdivisions of the pharmaceutical industry, including chemical bulk drugs and preparations, Chinese medicinal materials, and other pharmaceutical business. China's pharmaceutical industry plays a very important role in people's health, economic development and social progress, so it is also a long-term promising industry.

Pharmaceutical packaging automation is becoming an inevitable trend, will gradually expand from part of the process to the whole packaging process or even the whole workshop.

In recent years, the development of China's pharmaceutical industry can be described as "by leaps and bounds", the value of the pharmaceutical market is accelerating at a breakthrough speed, and the global market size is expected to exceed $1.1 trillion by 2021. The outbreak, in particular, has once again pushed the pharmaceutical industry to the front of the crisis response.

Pharmaceutical industry market development prospect is bright, its related industries also usher in the spring of development.

According to the data report of Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, in recent years, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has maintained a rapid growth, the export amount has exceeded the import amount. In 2019 alone, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry exports a total of us $1.803 billion, a year-on-year growth of 6.07%; Imports were $680 million, down 6.53 percent year on year.

However, compared with developed countries, the level of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry still needs to be improved.

For a long time, China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has low efficiency, backward technology, low degree of automation, low level of control problems, which seriously affect the improvement of the overall level of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry.

It can be said that drug packaging is a repetitive processing process with various forms and levels, large batch size, high speed, procedural, continuous and high quality requirements.

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of Chinese residents' living standard and health concept and the continuous increase of national investment in medical undertakings, the pharmaceutical packaging market is expanding rapidly.

Pharmaceutical packaging automation is becoming an inevitable trend, will gradually expand from part of the process to the whole packaging process or even the whole workshop.

According to the insiders of a pharmaceutical company, the reason for the introduction of automation technology is:

1. Greater overall flexibility in products and packaging;

2. Adapt to shorter product life cycle;

3. Reduce labor cost and improve quality;

4. Achieve higher efficiency and quality with less waste;

5. Use space more economically; Improve traceability;

6. Rapid increase or decrease in production; ....

With the increasingly mature and development of automation technology, automatic packaging line has become the choice of many pharmaceutical enterprises.

If pharmaceutical enterprises want to complete drug packaging with high quality and high efficiency, then the automatic packaging production line with high automation, high reliability and high efficiency is essential.

In today's pharmaceutical production field, automated pharmaceutical equipment is gradually replacing the traditional manual, semi-mechanical semi-automatic operation mode, higher efficiency, lower error rate.

Automatic packaging line can reduce the labor cost of enterprises to the greatest extent, and improve the accuracy of packaging, and is of great significance to the guarantee of drug quality. Inside the workshop, you can see the production line of production, inspection, packaging and circulation processes running in an orderly manner, with only a few operators.

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