Automatic production line installation and features

Release date:2022-05-20 Source:ZHONG KE KE ZHENG Views:295

Ordinary assembly lines are being slowly replaced by automated ones. Automatic production line is to meet the requirements of different professional technology production equipment combined together production line devices, including mechanical and electrical automation and mechanical and mechanical - body and other related professional equipment. There are many differences between automatic assembly line installation and ordinary assembly line installation.

Automatic production line adopts profile structure, installation process is mainly divided into: cutting, well feeding, multi-station assembly, pneumatic mechanical handling, power module, PLC template, button template and industrial sensor detection unit. The automatic production line system adopts PLC industrial network communication technology, through PLC industrial network communication technology to link each equipment system, realizing the feeding, distribution, sorting and detection, transportation function in the industrial automatic production line.

Automatic production line is a common production line, the installation and debugging of automatic production line needs to conform to the requirements of industrial production, from the actual industrial production site design, fully consider the specification requirements of industrial design and aesthetics, integration of machinery, pneumatic, electrical, sensing equipment and other technologies. Strengthen the installation and debugging of automatic production lines to better meet the needs of industrial manufacturing.

The overall structure of automatic production line adopts disassembly type and open type, with obvious disassembly and reorganization functions, which can be disassembled and assembled to each part and small screws, and assembled and combined modules with different functions according to different industrial needs.

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